Saturday July 2nd – Come to the Slaithwaite Moonraking Great Slawit Garage Sale

There are street stalls around the village with bargains galore, also stalls at The Watershed, Bridge Street HD7 5JN. All up and running from 9am to 12 Noon…..get ready to rummage! 

Click here to see the sale locations – Map entries close at 8pm on Friday 1st July. For the final version of the map please access after this deadline.

The Great Slawit Garage Sale:  How to get involved Q&A

Have you got an attic full of stuff you have meaning to sell? 

Have you got bags under the bed, you’ve been meaning to get rid of? Now’s the chance to get some extra spending money for the holidays and give a little to help boost the Slaithwaite Moonraking funds, to bring back the community lantern spectacle.

How will it work? 

On Saturday 2nd July, between 9.00 and 12.00 noon, we invite you to set up a stall in your garage, yard or front garden and get selling.

How does this help Moonraking? 

By giving the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival £5, we will put your stall on a map, so people know where to find you on the day, and it will boost our fundraising campaign 

What else? 

Having made the contribution, if you have any ‘prime’ items that you think people will be interested in, we can advertise these on our FB page. 

Only £5? 

Yep – however, if you are raking in the money (see what I did there?) and you take over £50, we ask that you make a further donation of 10% of your takings. Or you could consider donating your profits to us just for the joy of freeing up space in your house…..we will be grateful and you get to feel philanthropic goodness!

How do you know what to do on the day? 

Once we have received your donation we will send you guidance on a successful and safe sale. You’re welcome. 

Don’t have a garage/ yard or garden to sell from? 

We can help – but that info is for another time. 

Now what?

Get in touch here giving your contact details and we will be in touch with payment details. 

Or text or leave a message on 07734 306823.