Moonraking 2015 Lantern Procession - © Gary JS Photography

Moonraking Annual Report 2015: Part 1

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Moonraking Annual Report 2015: Part 1 – Intro, Website & Set Piece Lanterns

We have recently completed the Moonraking Annual Report, post festival, & thought it may include items of interest for those who took part in, or attended the festival and it’s events.

Moonraking 2015: 30th Anniversary Cake Lantern - © Gary JS Photography

“In the current climate of public funding, the fact that we achieved funds to enable the festival not only to take place, but to achieve some notable developments was a testament to the hard work and tenacity of the festival organisers. It was also achieved by the extraordinary good will of local creatives and businesses who gave their time, expertise and services for free or at a discount in support of the festival taking place.

The success of the 2015 Landmark Moonraking Festival in Slaithwaite is that it shines such a wonderful lunar spotlight on a special and thriving creative Yorkshire community.”

To make it  little easier to read, it has been broken down into bitesize chunks, which you can download and read whenever you want.

Download Report 

If you’d like to read the full annual report, it is now available from our Downloads page.