Slaithwaite Moonshine Festival of Light

Shining with Creative Positivity

24th - 27th February 2022

It is vital that you adhere to the COVID Guidelines regarding travel, meeting up and social distancing.

About Slaithwaite's Moonshine Festival of Light

For the second year running we are inviting residents of Slaithwaite to create a mass street spectacle, lighting up the community with an illuminated trail of specially created pictures displayed in their windows. Last year we had over 400 pictures and we would dearly love to increase the numbers taking part to build on the spectacle. We have a theme this year of WATER as we are a community with 2 water courses and in the Pennines! We also want to highlight the issues of lack of access to clean water around the world, how these impact on everyday lives and what we can do to bring about change.

‘Water, water, everywhere,
but not a drop to drink’, they say
but water is enough, we say –
enough to make you think –
about the picture you create
to make your window shine :
we know you all ache to Moonrake
but Moonshine is divine.

How to get involved

It is vital that you adhere to the COVID Guidelines regarding travel, meeting up and social distancing.

We would like residents to:

  • Make their own illuminated window pictures in their house (or business/shop premises). There are lots of ideas and some specialist materials available to help you. 


  • Light their window pictures over 3 days of the February half-term week in the early evening on the 18th, 19th and 20th February to Light up Slaithwaite in Moonshine.
  •  Enjoy Moonshine walks around the village to see the street displays. 

Stay safe. Observe social distancing. Wear a mask where needed. Please refer to and restrictions for details on latest guidelines.

Useful Links:

We can support you in being involved

  • Make contact one of our Moonshine Street ambassadors. Every street in Slaithwaite has one. If you have not received a letter with their name and contact details, please register your participation through the website contact page giving the name of your street and we will put you in touch. The Street Ambassador will keep you informed about the project and distribute materials packs.


  • Order a starter pack of materials through your Ambassador. We have shown you 3 different techniques for making an illuminated picture. They are called, Cut It, Colour It, and Construct It and can be seen on How to videos.  The starter sheet, with a list of materials in the packs and what you will need to provide for each technique is on our downloads. These are free, but we would welcome any donation you can make. 


  • Design your picture. As we are celebrating Moonraking we suggest you use one of the many themes from the festival over the years as a starting point. We have chosen 6 to base our resources around: Circus, Space, Out of the Woods, Polar, Out of the Rainforest; Fruity Veg. and they’re all on our  inspiration page where you will find graphics, pictures and templates to get you creating. You can also get inspiration from books, magazines, research on-line. There are details of other past Moonraking themes on our blog.


  • You can do your own thing. If you have your own ideas about what should be in your picture….or how to create it GREAT. Please share with us too…all ideas are welcome!
  • Don’t forget the Gnome. For a bit of fun we are asking you to hide a gnome in your design, so those viewing the pictures can see how many they can spot.


  • Make a Window Picture for a neighbour. If there are elders in your street who would like to be part of the Moonshine display, make an extra picture for them to put up.


  • Get your activity/church/social group involved. You can make some pictures for the Gallery Windows in shops and promote your group. Please register your participation through our contact page giving name of group. We are pleased that all the local primary schools are taking part.


  • If you’re a Moonraker who doesn’t live in Slaithwaite you can make an illuminated picture for your window and send us the image of it lit on our social media and tell us your connection to the festival. Or add to our Gallery Windows in the village so your creation is part of the Moonshine Map.


Remember…..The main thing is to have fun decorating a window with a picture that can be lit. The more people take part the more wonderful it will be!

How-to Videos

Rachel Ellis and Frances Noon (our Moonraking Lantern artists) have created these short ‘How-to’ videos demonstrating 3 techniques for creating window pictures that shine. You can use one, or a combination of these for your window design.