Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival 2023

The Round Up

Welcome to our 2023 Festival Round-up. You will find lots of pictures from our pre festival workshops, the festival week of lantern making and of course our glorious and wet Finale with our ‘traditional’ raking of a giant lantern moon that is processed around the village with all the wonderful community lanterns.

We try to involve local people in all aspects of the festival. From December we programmed many pre-festival workshops and activities:

  • Countdown Clocks
    • Web ‘How-to’ workshop & video
  • Special Access Workshops
    • HAF Christmas Holiday Sessions – Making set piece Barge Lantern 
    • Flex Lantern Workshops – Making carrying lanterns and learning about event management
    • Xylosound Moon Music Sessions – creating water themed music
  • Lantern  Volunteer Training workshop
  • Switch On Drama Street Theatre Workshops (Animation, Ducks and Mummers)
  • Sound Circle Workshops to make the Finale Sound track 
    • CV Musica Strings
    • CV Boys Choir
    • Banda Nua Community Drummers
    • Xylosound
    • Watershed Singers
  • Street Band Workshops with opportunity to perform on the Lantern Parade
    • CVMusica Big Band
    • CVMusica Wind Band
    • CVMusica Percussion Ensemble
    • Band a Nua
  • Costume Creation Workshops
    • Hab Dab Hub
  • Community Set-piece Lantern Workshops
    • Kraken Project involving Wilberlee; Wellhouse; Nields; Slaithwaite CofE Schools
    • Slaithwaite Cubs – creating a shoal of lantern fish
  • Window Lantern workshops 
    • Globe Arts
    • Library 
    • Community Centre 

Artists were working on commissions

  • Moon – Dave Young of Trans-Mutation  & Bill Best 
  • Sea Dragon and Puffer Fish – Dave Young of Trans-Mutation  
  • Neptune Harriet Dyson
  • Mermaid Francis Noon
  • The Kraken – Alan Scully
  • Fire Effects – Optimum Fireworks

Listen to the Moonraking 2023 Soundtrack created by Noah Burton from Underwraps Music from workshops with local music groups 

Finale Photographs

Finale Photos include pictures of Lanterns, the Moon, Street Theatre, Bands Photos have been taken by ‘The Team’ and Chris Chinnock.

Pre Festival Photos including Lantern-making sessions

Kirklees Local Television: Slaithwaite Moonraking 2023

A walk around Slawit Moonraking Festival 2023 by TrevMacc