2022 Slaithwaite Moonshine Festival of Light

In 2021 we were unable to stage a traditional Slaithwaite Moonraking Lantern Festival so we created a project that engaged local residents in a safe and socially distanced way and still celebrated the creativity and positivity of Slaithwaite and the Colne Valley. Our next full Moonraking Lantern Festival will be in 2023 (the odd year) However Moonshine was so wonderful that we have decided to build on it’s success by doing it again.



For over 30 years Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival has been lighting up the Colne Valley with lanterns and bringing a glow to the village that has become legendary.

Planning is underway for the next Lantern Parade in 2023!

Lunar Levy

A unique fundraising scheme asking for a penny in every pound spent in the village, to enable the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival to take place every two years….it is the odd festival in the odd year! Do you need to pay your Lunar ‘tax’ ?!

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